October 1 to October 5, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

All the developers were camping out this week to be first in line to see that new Star is Born remake with the Gaga lady, so no new features to report today.


We fixed up the way term info saves when you edit it. It was formerly too easy to enter bad data (dates out of order, no term name, stuff like that), and none of our customers were taking the opportunity to plug up their Populi instance with useless nonsense. Therefore, we fixed up the dialog so if you enter bad data, we tell you what's wrong and how to fix it.

Fixed multiple Javascript errors that broke document annotations on Firefox. And you're like, "What do you want, a medal?" and we're all, "Yeah, actually, a medal would be nice."

Added the names of the persons who create fees to the changelog. Now you can more easily track down those Financial Admin jokers who've been creating fees named "Dum-dum face" and "Mr. Buttz F33".

Added a variable to Enrollment Agreements for Degree Catalog Year, which filled in the last major gap in Populi's functionality.

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