October 8 to October 12, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing to report on that front this week, but why don't you have a look at what we're planning to release next week?


When entering a due date exception, the time was being automatically set to 12 AM (if you left the time field blank). We fixed it so it does as the rest of those fields do, which is set it to 11:59:59 PM.

Fixed/improved/unsnaggled/transformed a few things in the Data Slicer:

  • A specialization status condition that is not dependent on an academic term.
  • Degree Status, Degree Anticipated Completion, Degree Pursuing Date, and Specialization Status all got date filters for their Display conditions.
  • Specialization, Specialization Status, Specialization CIP Code, and Specialization Department all got a Specialization Status: Any/Pursuing/Granted filter for their Display conditions.
  • Updated the sorting function on Old Slice's table display.
  • Replaced all the cheap IKEA cabinets with some bespoke artisan stuff made out of salvaged fir and tamarack.

Fixed a reporting thing with IPEDS, who says that foreign students living outside the United States of America ought to be reported as Unknown race/ethnicity (and here we were calling those blokes and blokettes non-resident aliens).

Added a program filter to the Clearinghouse report to make sure students not enrolled in the selected term did not appear in the report like a bunch of Clearinghouse Party Crashers.

Auto-calculations for peer review grading requirements (to-wit: Average review grade is at least & Average peer grade is at least) were not auto-calculating. We went in and manually fixed the problem, using only our hands and some pickaxes and dynamite like coal miners who like to play loose with workplace safety.

If you sent a letter to more than one person, the Activity Feed wasn't showing the variable replacements.

Fixed a knowingly-ironic bug with put-in-order questions having fewer than 10 options that displayed the correct answer incorrectly.

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