Online registration settings

Here is a list of the various settings—both general and course-level—that affect course enrollment in Populi.

General Academic Settings

Academics > Settings > General includes several settings that affect the functions on Profile > Registration.

  • Registration Processing Message: This displays a message to students after they submit their registrations. It is especially helpful when you need to communicate that there is a registration delay or lottery (see the list under Academic Term, below).
  • Disable scheduling conflicts during registration: Online course registration prevents students from self-registering for courses that conflict with the schedules of their Selected Courses. If you disable this, scheduling conflicts will no longer stand in the way.
  • Enable waiting list over-enrollment: This article describes how waiting list over-enrollment works.
  • Additionally, there are settings that affect enrollment agreements, which are described in this article.
  • You'll also want to look at Settings > Course Delivery Methods; this article describes how those, together with Student Types on Profile > Student, can affect registration.

Academic Term > Info

Academic Term > Info is where you set up online enrollment periods. In addition to setting up registration start dates for different groups of students, you can also use advanced options to establish registration delays and lotteries. These settings are described in this article.


You can change any of these settings at the course catalog or course instance level (except for Self Enrollment).

  • Max Enrolled/Max Auditors: These settings affect whether there will be limited openings for enrollment/auditing and, therefore, whether the various waiting list settings will affect how students can register for the course.
  • Waiting List Management: Automatic means that when a student drops this course, Populi will automatically move the first waitlisted student onto the rolls. Manual means that when a student drops, a registrar will need to manually move students from the waitlist.
  • Self Enrollment: This lets you control whether students can register for this course (either to enroll or audit) on Profile > Registration.
    • Visibility controls whether students can see this course on their Profile > Registration screens altogether.
    • Enrollments lets you allow self-registration, allow it except for retakes, or prevent it altogether.
    • Audits lets you allow or prevent self-registration for audits.
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