October 29 to November 2, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added new encryption options for PDF transcripts (enabled by default). As proof, we offer this screenshot of the transcript delivery dialog.

We got that brand-new TRACS report in Academics > Reporting > Preset.

Updated the notices on the Data Slicer that display after you add a charge/credit or tuition schedule to students. Formerly the notices were vague (the charge/credit one) or non-existent (the tuition schedule one).

Degree setup enhancements!

  • You can now reorder the course groups on the Degree page; this order carries over to the Audit. So you can put the most important course groups at the top...
  • When adding a new requirement year, you can import the course groups from a previous catalog year into the new requirement year.

Added an automation to inform higher-ups when a user's account is blocked. Also added a way to not send yourself notifications when to-dos are assigned to you.

Data Slicer has a new manage campuses function that, presumably, lets you add and remove campuses to the students in the report (but might just end up mailing them all an Edible Arrangement or an AOL CD-ROM... I mean, who can really know what it does?)


Fixed a bug that prohibited an Account Administrator without the Academic Admin role to reset a password for an Academic Admin user.

Sorting a test's history by Start Time was like trying to get kittens to order themselves in a straight line. It was super-cute but half of them ended up on top of your feet and the others got distracted by a t-shirt someone left on the floor. Now they just line up in order and the world is a more dull, predictable place.

Added a Back to Populi link to the top of payment receipts. Formerly, you'd make a payment in Populi and you'd terminate on a plain receipt page with no obvious way to get back to Populi's incredible college management features—and we could think of no greater disappointment than that!

When students were marked deceased, we weren't changelogging the corresponding change of the Student role to inactive.

Discovered that our settings cache wasn't working on the validation sites because we were using filecache instead of memcache or papier-maché or Ca$h Money Records or something. They fixed it by tightening the sprockets on the whirlygyros counter-clockwise about three-quarters of a turn. I think. I have no idea what these guys are talking about on this fix.

Sadly, concluded conferences weren't showing links to recordings if a certain background process ended the conference. Happily, now they do.

If an email address contained "&" and you tried entering that when filling in the Add Lead dialog, the dialog would, ahem, "barf on you" (the developer's words). Since that dialog all but subsists on pepperoni pizza and ho-hos, this sounded like a rather gross problem. We fixed that.

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