November 5 to November 9, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Improved our recent improvements to registration—registration is easily better than it has ever been, ever:

  • We stopped showing courses as available to audit when their Max Auditors setting was set to None.
  • We stopped letting students choose corequisite courses with no more openings.
  • Suped-up the catalog-level Self-enrollment setting to let you prevent self-enrollment if the student has already passed the course.
  • Added a little symbol to the waitlist to indicate that a student was added to the waitlist manually. When such a student's turn comes, he'll be enrolled regardless of any schedule or enrollment conflicts.
  • The courses panel on Profile > Student now includes dropped courses.
  • Fixed an issue with concurrent prereqs that prevented students from registering for such courses.


In addition to the new improvements to the new-and-improved registration that were actually bugfixes, here are some of the other things we fixed this week:

Added a column for Donor Comments to the Donations export. Donors are an unusually intelligent and witty bunch, and the inclusion of their comments should make the Donations export even more of a delightful Sunday afternoon read.

If you were using the Program Start Date filter in the Data Slicer to find dates before a certain time, it would also return dates after that certain time. What a dope!

There was a rubric criterion that was worth 15 points. If you entered 14 in it, it would display as 13.99. We didn't see the problem with this—I mean, if you put 14 apples next to 13.99 apples, only a nitpicker could see the difference. So we fixed the problem, but just to get our digs in, 14 now displays as 14.01.

Advisors (if they were not also staff or faculty) were not getting emails when students were automatically getting moved from the waitlist to enrolled. We weren't terribly bothered by this, either, but Advisors love getting those emails and that eventually played on our own obsequious desire to please all our users.

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