November 12 to November 16, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Other than some behind-the-scenes "optimizations and improvements", we released nothing new that's visible to the naked eye.


Found a bug where if you switched someone from enrolled to auditing at the same time the student dropped a course, we, in turn, didn't add the entirely-deserved Auditor tag. Our computer thingy that figures that stuff out would get bewildered by the dropped course and rather than take the appropriate action, just did nothing instead. Although the world remains a confusing and dangerous place, we made sure that computer thingy does its job now.

Sometimes when you scored a student with a rubric, that poor student couldn't see the rubric when viewing his assignment because the symbol thingy for the rubric was missing. We dug into our big bag of spare icons and sprinkled them liberally over our server that has the rubrics on it, and now students should be able to see those without any more trouble.

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