November 19 to November 30, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a Term Units Enrolled filter to the Data Slicer. This is not to be confused with Term Units Attempted, which includes withdrawn-from courses; this new filter gets you what the student is actually enrolled in.

You can now export ID cards from the Library Patron role page.

When you clone an ID card template, we now let you select the type of ID card it'll be.


Profile > Financial > History wasn't showing amounts for individual charges—only the invoice total. It is now otherwise.

We added retired courses to the which courses? view in Tuition Schedules. Conveniently, we also added stuff to the filter to let you toggle amongst the various retired and active courses.

We talked it over, and we decided to make sure that students who aren't yet enrolled get the appropriate standing and any related tags. So glad we could work something out.

You once could edit a rubric name to an empty space, which, while existentially profound, nonetheless made it impossible to navigate to it in the Rubrics list. And as we all know, Nielsgaard's Postulant explicitly states that in software, Existential Profundity must, at best, be the handmaiden of Navigational Simplicity.

Attendance data on course dashboards was pretty flaky (not the good kind of flaky that comes from properly-laminated buttery layers of delicious French pastry) if all the meeting times were manually-added on the course calendar.

Made sure that withdrawn students are included in online course participation stats.

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