December 3 to December 7, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing this week, but have a gander at the Populi Blog to see what we're slated to release for Payment Plans next week...


The Term Book List was spitting out 10-digit ISBNs instead of the luckier 13-digit ISBNs. We learned it not to do that no more.

'Twas a bug that wouldn't let you enroll a student in a course if that student had previously been withdrawn from said course. That bug is now a thin film of plasma on the sole of one of the developers' Vans.

Imagine if you found your long-lost twin brother was at your school, but you were looking for a roundabout way to break the exciting news to him. One incredibly brilliant way to do that is to add yourself as a sibling on his Profile > Info > Relationships panel, then wait for him to log in and notice that new bit of info. However, something was broken and you couldn't add yourself as a relationship on the other person's profile—you'd have to do so on your own profile! We made sure this works either way, because we actually do a pretty brisk business reuniting lost twins who attend or work at the same schools (almost 340 reunited pairs in 2018 alone!). If you're interested in reuniting long-lost twins at your school, please reach out to one of our Business Sales Development Consultant Advisory Professionals to inquire about our Premium Advanced Pricing.

It was decreed that If Excused Absences Count as Present then Populi Should Count Excused Attendance Records in the Automatic Clinical/Attendance Hour Calculations.

Added {!COURSE_ABBRV!}to the enrollment agreement variables. That may involve course abbreviations, but I'm not 100% sure.

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