December 10 to December 14, 2018 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Payment Plans got way more betterer! Ye olde blogge has the run-down, and if you're rarin' to go with setting up a new plan, have a look at this article.

Added our lightweight text formatting to course descriptions, and we made sure the API reproduced that formatting as well.

Added variables for degree specializations to enrollment agreements.

In mass emails, we changed the unsubscribe link wording from Unsubscribe from all email to Unsubscribe from all mailing lists.


Column M in the Bookstore Orders export showed the shipping method in the Shipping Method column (huzzah!!!) unless an item on the order was a return, in which case it showed the refund amount for that item (non-huzzah!!!).

If you remove the faculty role from a person listed in the Faculty field in a catalog course, you'd get a dumb error. Now we intelligently remove that person from the catalog course if you remove that role.

Custom transcripts showing custom term info fields were sometimes copying information from one term's field forward into fields for subsequent terms. Ugh!

Exit dates were not sorting properly in the Data Slicer. Blerg!

Folks with an inactive Advisor role were still getting Advisor-related notifications. Gah!

Under certain circumstances, Peer Review assignments showed students a big grey electronic blob instead of another student's assignment. Yugg!

The alert for test questions to be graded wasn't disappearing when you had graded all those questions. Blaaagh!

Were you to edit the online registration start time, it saved to 12:00AM no matter what you had entered. Fnerrrghle!

Billing > By Term > Summary wasn't showing students who did not have invoiced charges. Glllllrrrrrgggffff!

A tuition refund could potentially show incorrect tuition bracket information in a student's change log. Brrrrbbbbffgghkk!

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