January 14 to January 18, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now promote the course image from a course instance to be the default image in the catalog course.

Upgraded the Enroll Students action in the Data Slicer. It now lets you select specific students with checkboxes, as well as their individual enrollment status (Auditor, Enrolled, or Waiting) and date, and the specific catalog course (for cross-listed courses).

While we were there, we also threw in filters and columns for Degree Granted Date and Degree Inactive Date.

Gave Billing > Reporting > Enrollment Agreements one of those newfangled Email Students actions.


The one y'all have been waiting for: we removed a bunch of left joins from person and org setup classes. If you've noticed that Populi now fulfills your deepest existential longings, that's why. Too many left joins will make a man feel hollow inside.

Improved some of the calendar subscription stuff we do with Google Apps to make sure users don't get inadvertently (or advertently, for that matter) subscribed to finalized courses or courses with which they have nothing to do.

Speaking of Google, they did stuff to their GSuite API and we updated stuff on our end to make sure everything kept working. Far's we can tell, it did.

Scrubbed some stuff with a toothbrush to ensure that you can't update the application status for a person who has been deleted. Previously, we'd let you do that and then cough up an error message for you.

If you try to upload a crummy Common Cartridge, we'll no longer give you a bland, vague Oops! error message. Now the error messages will be more specific. Disturbingly so.

If you try to split an exchange-rate donation among multiple funds, we'll no longer give you a bland, vague Oops! error. Now we will let you accomplish the task which you so innocently set out to do.

Tweaked the summary in Profile > Financial > By Term to separate the amounts of deposits invoiced and deposits paid.

It's 1098-T season, and everyone's just so excited! Here's some stuff we did with 1098-T's recently:

  • Updated some settings to make sure everyone complies with the IRS' new regulations.
  • For non-aid payments classified as aid for IRS purposes, made sure you can select between reporting the amount in Box 1 OR Boxes 1 and 5.
  • Loosened the requirements for the Graduate Student checkbox so that it counts students with an active Graduate-level program even if they weren't enrolled in any graduate courses for the year in question.

Stopped automatically calculating SAP for students with an incomplete course in a given term. The Federales leave this up to the school's judgement, and now we just call your attention to such cases so you can manually update their SAP status.

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