January 21 to January 25, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You may have noticed a few changes in Populi's appearance—some higher-contrast font colors and interface elements, a non-orange help button, among others. These are part of some upgrades we made to improve Populi's accessibility for visually-impaired users. There's also a bunch of new stuff behind the scenes that helps screen readers do their thing.

The big news this week, of course, is the new program filters we added in the Data Slicer. You now have a program Status select in the Filter tool, and Columns now has a program select, status select, and exit date.

Oh, and now you can include/exclude roles by active/inactive status when making a mailing list.

Custom discipline types! If this sounds like something you'd like, have a look at "Discipline Types" in this article and then holler at us.

Account > Integrations looks cooler now, and we upgraded a couple or three things with LTI tools:

  • Add LTI Tools in a course offering.
  • Add assignments that can use LTI tools.
  • Easier configuration for LTI tools using config URL or XML.
  • Added the ability to send user name data in custom parameter values using variables like {user_name}@{domain}.

Guess it was a big week: we also added Dropped& Withdrawn after Add/Drop as options to the Student Course Enrollment Status Changed automation.

Let's see, feels like I'm missing something. Maybe it's all the new SMS options we added?

  • You can now text an individual person right from their profile!
  • Leads can now set up a text number.
  • Applicants can now verify a text number on their main online application in case they forgot to on the initial form.
  • Added a Reset Text Number option to the Inquiry, Application, Donor, and Leads pages.
  • Added an SMS verified badge on the inquiry/application page.
  • No, that wasn't it. Maybe I'm thinking of Groups?


We ensmartened the SBL exporter to better handle students with multiple specializations.

Fixed an error with the auto-calculation for student enrollment statuses on Profile > Financial Aid. Don't mess with us.

When adding a SAML service provider, we fixed it so you can enter metadata for it. Because we're ferocious.

Assignment and discussion names could get mixed up if you cloned discussions but not assignments. We made sure that doesn't happen any more. Because Populi fears us.

Withdrawn students thought they were pretty tough and were showing up in course attendance lists after they had withdrawn. Thing is, we're tougher.

Students who had withdrawn from school and then re-enrolled and finally graduated were showing on the Analytics > Retention report with Excused as an exit reason. No one does that in our neighborhood. No one.

The Data Slicer filter for First Time = Yes was being pretty disrespectful of what was entered in the student's program information. Suffice it to say that it has learned how to say "yessir" and "yes ma'am".

Fixed something that wouldn't show tests on a student's Google Calendar. Fixed it real good, we did.

Students with Honors weren't always receiving the associated Honors tag. Nothing a little knuckle sandwich couldn't help.

In some circumstances, students could see annotations in peer review files. One look at this ugly mug, though, and that ain't happening no more.

The IRS says truncated SSNs are "just fine" on Student and College copies of the 1098-T. So we truncated them.

The Applications report gave you an error when you added a custom field to the filter. We gave the Applications report a right, a left, another right, another left. It won't be bothering you no more, ma'am.

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