January 28 to February 1, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nuthin' this week. But we released Groups last week and the glow from that easily shone over this week, so I think we're good.


If you set an organization to Primary on someone's profile and then later regretted the decision so deeply that you went back to right your wrongs, you could not then make that org not primary. We fixed this, and now your consciences may be cleansed.

If you cloned an applicant's application you'd get an error about No payment info received or some such silliness.

Fixed a thing that kept saying "Oops! Nuh-uh!" in Account > Integrations whenever you'd try to update your credentials for a third-party service.

If you printed a bunch of donations receipts, the images stopped appearing after two pages or so. Now those images will print all the live-long day if you want them to.

Importing a course of study and adding the student role to an accepted applicant totally wasn't working. This bad bug got a hammer to the carapace.

Automations involving the application status changed condition weren't working. Nipped that in the bud.

Were you to attempt to add an LTI link to a lesson, you'd find yourself on the receiving end of some flushed-red error messages. Those shouldn't be bothering you any more.

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