February 11 to February 15, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

In communication plans, you can now specify a time to send emails.

Roster PDF exports now include course schedule information.

Ensmartened the sorting functions in the Attendance report to make sure you can sort by date, student, and course.

The Academic Term > Courses > Progress report now shows the date of the last meeting for which attendance was taken.


Fixed course alerts so they'd stop telling faculty when lessons were available; also slimmed down the number of alerts a student will see if more than one lesson is available at a time.

Fixed a few things with texting to make sure that applicants can verify an SMS number.

Fixed something called a "float value comparison" to make sure that students without unpaid invoices would not see alerts for unpaid invoices.

The export helper was unhelpfully not exporting custom financial fields because it wasn't even giving you the option. Now you have that option, and now they export.

Deleted students could still appear on the Academic Progress report in Financial Aid.

Fixed some exporter logic in Donations to make sure that donors were not exported with their spouses' names in place of their own.

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