February 25 to March 1, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added the fund and donation number to the transaction metadata returned by Stripe.

For some reason, that word just cracks me up today. Here it is again in case you missed it: metadata.

Added variables for degree specializations to our already-incredible enrollment agreements.


Gave T2202As a bit of an education about course start/end dates so they'd get better at including courses that cross the calendar year in all their precious calculations. Hey, and while our minds were on T2202As, we added a column for student_ID to the report export.

The Leave of Absence tag was neither leaving nor making itself absent after you unchecked the box in Profile > Student > Student Info. Now it scrams and skedaddles on out of here when that LOA turns up DOA.

Class-act that we are, we added the instruction page to the 1098-T.

Fixed the qwithyflarb that we use to jimmbyshivel the norptwapper when you first log in on a new device—with the new plobbyquarbler in place, this process should now go a lot more quickly-er.

We recently did a thing where you can set a Communication Plan to start on a future date. Like a bunch of geniuses, however, we released something that wasn't really working as-advertised. So we took those genius heads of ours and devised a solution wherein that thing we did would actually work.

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