March 4 to March 8, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

SAP Policies and Payment Periods are now live for all of our customers. They're used to calculate whether students are meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress levels for financial aid purposes.

Tuned-up the Export ID Card function for faculty and students in the Academic Term > Faculty and > Students reports so you can more easily export cards for large groups (200 or more).

Added program and department data to the getTermCourseInstancesAPI task.


We were showing a very detailed yet somehow also information-free timestamp (to-wit: Mon, 01 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0800 to 05 May 2010 00:00:00 -0700) on Profile > Admissions > Transfer Credits in the institution timeframe. We're back to showing just the dates, which is all anyone cares about.

Cross-listed courses didn't always cough up meeting times on Profile > Registration, but after a few gulps of an all-natural expectorant we picked up at the local Food Co-op they're now getting it all out.

Fixed a problem afflicting student submissions for tests that ended in the same minute as the test's end/due time: they'd sometimes be marked late.

If you left your degree CIP blank but were super-diligent about adding CIPs to your specializations, we made sure that the specialization CIPs were reported on the Student Clearinghouse report's Program 1 CIP Code.

Library closures weren't showing on the Library calendar, which is an important and altogether sensible place for those closures to appear.

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