March 25 to March 29, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added PBS.orgto the list of sites you can embed within an iframe in things like course Lessons.

The new AWARD_STATUS_WITH_TIMEvariable for Financial Aid Award Letter templates lets you include the date and time the student accepted the award (on Profile > Financial Aid).

Added the Application_IDto the export options in Admissions > Applications. Also added the Resource_IDto the export options in Library > Resources.


When editing a test, a bug could prevent you from changing an existing question to extra credit.

Marking transcript requests as Complete or Incomplete would fail if the underlying delivery method had been deleted.

Generating enrollment agreements with the Data Slicer would skip students unless the agreement wasn't set to one of the Required options.

Dad Jokes

Okay, so you come here as much for the jokes and weirdness as you do for the information about what we added and what we fixed. These notes are proving pretty dull this week so far. But in our company's group chat we've had some kind of running thing for a few days where we've been sharing Dad Jokes with each other, and I thought I might pad out this week's installment by inflicting some of the best/worst on you, our valued readers.

  • What do you call an alligator in a vest? An in-vest-igator.
  • You can’t run through a camp site. You can only ran, because it’s past tents.
  • It takes guts to be an organ donor.
  • I want to die peacefully in my sleep just like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  • My dad is making a lot of money by selling photos of salmon dressed up in human clothes. It’s like shooting fish in apparel.
  • What do you call a pig with three eyes? Piiig.
  • Why can’t you trust an atom? Cause they make up everything.
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    Krysta Hartman

    My favorite joke ever, from my uncle:

    What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh.

    (The Piiig joke reminded me of this.)

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    Jonetta Kiessling

    "Okay, so you come here as much for the jokes and weirdness as you do for the information about what we added and what we fixed." - The truest statement...

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