How to use the Courses panel on the Profile > Student view to manage enrollment for an individual student

In this article, you'll learn about the Courses panel on the Profile > Student view. The panel provides basic information about the student's courses and also gives you options for managing the student's enrollment.

Course information

Here's a guide to what's shown in the image above:

  • Choose a term to see all of the courses which have enrollment information for that student in that term (present, past, and future).
  • You can also choose to show Current Courses, which shows any currently in-progress courses (regardless of term).
  • indicates that the student is finalized for that course (or that the course itself has been finalized).
  • Next to each course is status or grade information:
    • AG201 shows a grade, indicating that the student was enrolled in the course. Since it is finalized, this means that B- is the his final course grade.
    • ART101 shows a grade, indicating that he's enrolled in the course. The course is not finalized, so A- is his in-progress grade.
    • ENG101 doesn't show anything, indicating that he's enrolled in a course for which he has not received any assignment grades.
    • LIT101 shows W, indicating that he withdrew from this course.
    • THE100-2 shows FN, which indicates a failure for non-attendance as established in Academics > Settings > Grades & Attendance.
    • WRI301 shows AUD, which means that he is auditing this course.

Managing enrollment: registering the student for courses (and more)

You can use the Courses panel to register the student and manage certain enrollment tasks. Of course, there are other ways to register students in courses.

Here's how to register the student:

  1. Click edit next to Courses.
  2. Click the arrows until you're in the correct academic term.
  3. Begin typing in the Search field and select the course from the results.
  • You can register the student as Enrolled or as an Auditor.
  • If there are any issues with the registration, you'll see a notice alerting you to that. These issues will not prevent you from registering the student here, but you should certainly take note of them.
  • Edit the enrolled date, if necessary.
  • Repeat these steps as often as you wish.
  • Click to delete a registration.
  • When you're finished, click Save.

    You can use the Courses panel to change the student's course or Incomplete status. Here's how to do that:

    1. Click edit next to Courses.
    2. Click the arrows until you're in the correct academic term.
    3. Your enrollment management options are:
    • Incomplete: You can change a student's Incomplete status using the Yes/No select. This article describes how to work with Incomplete students.
    • Status: Change the student's enrollment status between Enrolled, Auditor, and Withdrawn.
  • You can also delete registrations, add new courses, or edit the dates.
    • Deleting a course for which the student has submitted work or otherwise interacted will also delete all of the student's grades, submissions, and interactions!
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