April 1 to April 12, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added some new automations:

  • Send an email when an Advisor is assigned to a student
  • Notifications for new activity in one of your Groups

The add-a-book dealio in Courses now lets you search using ASINs.

Added a setting to the Canvas integration that gives you more control over how to set course section start/end dates.

A developer spilled a Red Bull on the course change log and it's so much faster now.

You can now "morph" certain types of custom fields into another type.

  • For example, you can change text fields to text area(but you cannot go from text area to text).
  • If you have a field with no data attached to it, you can change its type to any other type of field (e.g. text area to file upload...).

And if you really really really dislike a custom field option (but need to keep it around), you can now retire it.

In Campus Notifications, you can now click a previously-sent message and find a list of all the recipients.

You can now add an advanced-placement course or test-out as a transfer course but mark the student as not a transfer student.


Nailed down a few things to make sure you could fully-translate online reference forms for applications.

The check we use to make sure a program isn't in use when you try to delete it now also checks to see if the program is attached to a course, fee rule, or transfer course. When you try to delete such a program, your computer will say "Not so fast hotshot" and then cut power to the whole building.

If you used a titanically-gigantic image file for someone's ID photo, the profile pic wouldn't save. Now we do some re-sizing magic deep inside the computer to make sure the image saves.

Fixed a problem with custom username templates that ignored the digit-limit on "counter" variables. That is, if you wanted a username with a three-digit counter ( john.smorglechirps123) we'd go to something like eleven digits ( john.smorglechirps12345678910) or whatever.

Eliminated some duplicate fields and fixed some capitalization issues with ISIR imports. Didn't realize anyone actually read those. I've never looked at them because I hear they don't have any pictures.

Once upon a time (earlier this week, actually), if you emailed donors using the Email action, the email wouldn't go to any donor organizations. They felt slighted, so we made sure to get them in there.

Were you to add a room plan in Profile > Campus Life when there were no future academic terms, nothing would happen. Now we fuss at you to add some terms. Because what people want from Populi is to get fussed at more often.

Started noting it on the changelog when one of our processes backfills a student's attendance log with Excused absences. Now you know who to blame: us.

Made sure that incomplete students can still be marked as having completed a lesson after the course ends.

Fixed a weird display issue that arose when you tried to edit an organization's website on its profile.

Grading mixup in cross-listed courses: When grading an assignment that is assigned to Course A, if the instructor chose to move to the next student when grading, it wouldn't go to the next student who needed to submit that assignment. It moved to the next student in the roster, even if he was in the cross-listed course that doesn't need to do that assignment.

Sometimes we'd log a retake setting change even if nothing had changed. We now try to log nothing in case nothing happens. Tricker than it sounds.

Did a ton of work to make sure that when you email just a few people (multiple recipients or a CC), the recipients can see who else received the email.

Payment plan late fees were being triggered within the grace period, especially if the payment plan had been monkeyed with at all.

Transcript request forms were utterly "mangling" apostrophes. It was gruesome and I don't even want to think about it right now. But I hear the mess has been cleaned up.

Enrollment Agreements sometimes said "signed by DUDE_WHO_CREATED_IT" in addition to " DUDE_WHO_ACTUALLY_SIGNED_IT" and we put an end to that nonsense.

Stopped our debased practice of emailing students about assignment comments that had been deleted.

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