How do I show that a student has completed an AP course or has "tested out" of a course?

In this article, you'll learn how to indicate that a student has taken an AP course/credit or has "tested-out" of one of your courses using transfer credits. Typically, this workflow will be used with new, incoming students who are in the later stages of the admissions process—so you'll need to make sure that the students you're working with have already been accepted and have the Student role.

Make sure the student has an academic program

On the Profile > Student view, check to see if the student has a program listed.

  • If there is, edit it to make sure the Is transfer student box is not checked.
  • If not, add one according to the instructions in this article. Make sure to leave Is transfer... unchecked!

Enter the AP or test-out as a transfer course

This article describes all the ins-and-outs of entering a transfer course. Things to pay attention to:

  • The program you select for the transfer course must match the most recent program on the Student view.
  • When you set the status to Accepted, the Is transfer... checkbox will appear next to the program. Before saving, make sure you leave it un-checked.
    • You can also control the Is transfer... status from the college's organization profile: the Transfer Students setting determines whether students with transfer courses from that school are considered transfer students (it is set to Yes by default, but you can set it to No by editing the setting).

Fixing a mistake

In case you make a mistake in this workflow (or if you have existing students you'd like to update), fixing the Transfer Student status is pretty simple:

  1. Go to the Profile > Student view.
  2. Edit the program.
  3. Un-check the Is transfer... box (or check it if you need it to go the other way).
  4. Click Save.


After performing this workflow:

  • The transfer "course" will appear on the student's transcript. It will affect the student's program depending on the settings you chose for the course when adding it as a transfer credit.
  • The student will not receive the Transfer system tag.
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