Adding and modifying a student's programs on the Profile > Student view

In this article, you'll learn how to add and modify academic programs on the Profile > Student view.

Programs define a student's course of study—including which courses they can take and what degrees they can pursue.

  • In addition to adding programs on the Profile > Student view, you can also add them:
  • The program details—entrance term, exit date/reason, enrollment status, etc.—figure into numerous reports and statistics around Populi.

Adding a program

Here's how to manually-add a program to a student:

  1. Click Add a program.
  2. Select a program from the drop-down.
  3. Select the entrance term—typically, this is the first term in which the student registers for courses in this program, but some schools reckon this differently.
  4. Likewise, enter the start date for the student's entry into the program.
  5. Select the previous education level—the level the student had attained at time of entry into the program.
  6. Select the enrollment status. For the vast majority of students, you'll want to leave this at Automatic. If you wish the student to be considered enrolled at a level other than what his specific course enrollments would indicate, select a different status.
  • This enrollment status will start as of the time you select it and carry forward into each subsequent academic term until you change it again.
  • You can also set enrollment status for individual academic terms (see below).
  • When you're done, click Save.

    You can add as many programs as you like. You cannot have more than one active version of the same program at a time.

    Read about how to handle student exits and leaves of absence.

    Modifying programs

    There are two aspects to modifying programs—changing the program details and managing term enrollment statuses. This article covers student exits, which usually involve modifying a program.

    1. Click and select Edit program.
    2. Change any of the fields you wish to modify.
    3. If you change a program to inactive, you'll be prompted for an exit date and exit reason. When you inactivate a program, the student's degrees in that program will also be set to Inactive. (Programs can also be inactivated when you grant or deactivate a degree from that program).
    4. When you're done, click Save.

    Managing enrollment status

    If you wish the student to be considered enrolled at a level other than what his specific course enrollments would indicate in a particular term, you can manage that here.

    1. Click manage enrollment status.
    2. You'll see a list of all the terms in which the student has been enrolled. The enrollment status defaults to Automatic. If you wish to change the student's status in a particular term, select that status from the drop-down.
    3. You can add an enrollment status for a term not listed. Select it from the Add... drop-down and make your status selection. When the student enrolls in that term, he'll be assigned that status regardless of his actual enrollment.
    4. You can delete the status for a term with no enrollments by clicking . If the student later enrolls in that term, his status will default to Automatic.

    The enrollment statuses you select will be figured in to the various reporting tools around Populi.

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