April 15 to April 26, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Fine-tuned the visual appearance of the Files section to make it more accessible to the visually-impaired.

The Canvas integration now lets you share Populi's Preferred Name field with Canvas.

The Enrollment Request dialog (in Profile > Registration) now includes course delivery methods.


For our Stripe customers, if a payer repeatedly enters bad bank account information when setting up a recurring ACH payment, we now make the error message pointier and more on-the-nose instead of the fairly generic "Aw, come on now, really?" or whatever we were spitting out before.

Fixed a few things with rubric criterion weighting that will help prevent some ghastly errors in the future (it won't, however, catch any of the other ghastly future errors).

If you make a comment in an assignment and it gets deleted, we email you. Thing about that email is that it doesn't mention that the comment was deleted. We added a sliiiiick new feature to that email that discloses that key information, giving you the big data you need to make a big data-driven decision in real-time or something like that.

If you retire an option on an application field, we don't actually let that option shuffle off to Shady Acres Retirement Community. Instead, we keep it as a live option on applications. We fixed up a few things so that when you retire that option, Populi gives it a gold watch and puts one of those grocery store sheet cakes in the break room—and takes that option out of circulation.

Test activity was not being counted as participation in the Online Attendance tracking feature. Now everyone gets a participation trophy, including test activity. Because we're all winners.

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