April 29 to May 3, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

A small UX improvement on the credit card payment screen: the Month/Year fields for credit card expiration days now default to blank (instead of the current month/year).

Did a bunch of behind-the-scenes updates in which we moved a bunch of code from one black box to another, even blacker box. Other than reading this release note, this change shouldn't change your day one bit (but it'll help us improve Populi for future releases).


Fixed a bug in which pre-requisites that asked—nay, demanded—that students be pursuing particular specializations before self-enrolling were chickening out at the last second and letting students self-enroll if they had that specialization but for an inactive degree. Shameful and cowardly, I know, but we gave that pre-req a little dose of some follow-through.

Fixed a time-tracking bug with Tin Cans that messed up the time-counter if a student clicked the back button in the Lesson while the Tin Can was doing its Tin Can thing.

The Graduation Rates report in the IPEDS tool wasn't picking up students with Pell Grants or Loans. We hate it when the IPEDS tool embarrases us in public like that.

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