How to use the Course Mapping tool on the Profile > Student view

Course Mapping shows you how the student's courses are being applied to her academic program(s). You can use the tool to, for example, apply an undergrad course to a student's graduate program, or remove a remedial "test-out" course from a student's transcript.

  • Select one of the student's programs from the drop-down to see which of his courses are being applied to it.
    • Courses can be associated with more than one program (one of which is the primary program). Course mapping will always default to map a course to its primary program.
    • A course can be mapped to only one program at a time—or none at all. If a course is unchecked for all programs, it will no longer appear on the transcript or degree audit.
    • To see any of the student's courses that are not applied to any program, go to the transcript and click the notice that says There are # courses that are not mapped to a program..
  • A checkbox next to each course indicates whether it's applied to that program. You can check/uncheck courses individually or click check all/none.
  • If a course is applied to the program, you'll be able to change its Retake status.
  • You can also use the tool to manage the student's retakes.
  • When you're done making changes, click Save to commit those changes to the student's record .
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    Tiffany Thomas

    What role do you have to have in order to see the course mapping feature?

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