May 6 to May 10, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Ain't nothing this week, folks. And that double-negative is for emphasis, not for canceling one negative with the other and thereby implying that we actually did release some features and improvements.


Pretty much always have some bugfixes to tell you about. Let's see if any of them were funny ones.

There was a bug in a query on the Donors report that didn't properly count something with soft credits and then included people in filters that didn't belong. The details on this issue were vague—"a problem" was "identified" and "some code" was "adjusted" to fix it.

Payment plans had a bug where if you set the first payment date to 0 days after term starts, whenever you applied the plan to an invoice it would set the first payment date to today's date. This worked great if you applied the plan to the invoice on the first day of the term, but worked terribly in all other situations.

Due Date Sorting is Weird said the issue. While I like using words like "weird" when discussing technical issues, a better word for this case would have been "broken". Because that was the problem with due date sorting in Billing > Current > Unpaid Invoices: when you clicked to sort the report by that column, it just sorted by the invoice owner's last name.

Made the Canvas sync-er smart enough to go by course start/end dates and not term start/end dates. Maybe this counts as a feature or an improvement, but the only reason we did this was because something was acting amiss so... it's down here in bugfixes.

There was a bug with Bookstore discount codes for categories that wouldn't apply the discount to all subcategories. That bug is now goo on a developer's shoe.

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