May 13 to May 24, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We made numerous back-end improvements to search that make it snappier and more responsive (especially at schools with lots of people in the database).

You can now bulk-add financial aid custom fields in the Data Slicer.

If the similarity score is updated in Unicheck (say, after citations are excluded from the check), the score now automatically updates in Populi.

Enhanced the Test Analysis No response percentage to better account for how often a given question is used on a test.

The Role Removed automation now calls itself Role Removed/Deactivated because that's now what it tells you about.

Custom transcript variables! This time, they cover exit dates and course status:

  • {!PROGRAM_EXIT_DATA_DATE!} - Apr 30, 2019
  • {!PROGRAM_EXIT_REASON!} - Deceased (defaults to blank if there is no exit date)
  • {!COURSE_STATUS_DATE!} - Apr 30, 2019
  • {!COURSE_STATUS_DATE_NUMERIC!} - 4/30/2019

Some fresh new API calls and tasks for tuition schedules:

  • getStudentDefaultTuitionSchedules
  • addDefaultTuitionScheduleToStudent
  • removeDefaultTuitionScheduleFromStudent
  • getStudentTermTuitionSchedules
  • addTermTuitionScheduleToStudent
  • updateStudentTermTuitionScheduleBracket
  • removeTermTuitionScheduleFromStudent

Added a checkbox to the email compose view which lets you hide the recipients of your email from one another (if you put them all in the To: field).

When you want to add 10 questions from a category to a test and there are only, say, 9 questions in that category, now we tell you!


Tuned up the library logger-inner so that if you log in via, say, the Browse Resources URL, we don't redirect you to the Library Home page after you log in.

Fixed the pagination for the Followers panel on Profile > Bulletin Board. Why? Because it was broken.

The Paid Date field on the Unapplied Deposits report was displaying the incorrect date, but we made it otherwise.

Ensmartened the notice on Transcript Request pages that tells you how much you'll be charged for the transcript so that it doesn't display if your program's transcript doesn't cost anything.

Made the Canvas final-grade-syncer play more nicely with Populi's gradebook after our recent tweaks to final grade displays.

The Course Term filter in an Advisor's Advised Students report was not working as advertised.

The Apply Payment Plan dialog now shows the Invoice's amount due (instead of the total invoice amount), which is more betterer than what we'd been doing.

The SAIG log Type filter was non-operational.

The Birthdate filter in the Data Slicer was missing folks it ought not to have missed.

If you had a large one-time mailing list, you could only view a portion of the list before the pagination thingy gave up the ghost.

If a student had term-based custom student info fields with values of 0, those lil' O's weren't printing on PDF transcripts.

The Past Due amount was counting uncollectible invoices in certain edge case situations.

If you added a representative using the Create an Inquiry dialog, said rep was not getting emailed about it.

If composed a letter to a mailing list with a single member that has no address, Populi would tell you it had been added to the print queue when it actually hadn't. We fixed this, but you should really give those poor people some addresses, mmkay?

The SAP Policy stuff now lets you consider transfer GPA in all the calculations and reports.

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