May 27 to May 31, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing managed to creep out of our developers' laboratory this week, but there are some nice updates just in the offing. Stay tuned!


Fixed a thing that no one noticed except for the guys that fixed it but it might have affected you at some point so now I'm writing about it: if you changed the term selector after making changes on the courses list for a Course Evaluation, we were supposed to fuss at you about unsaved changes. Now we do fuss at you. One of those fixes that might prove more annoying than the problem...

Reference numbers for inventory adjustments were missing on the Transactions report, which some found gravely upsetting (including one of the guys here).

Got rid of an unspecified problem that bugged one of the guys here because it could create "ghost invoice payment deadlines", which sounds spooky but also kinda diffuse and vague.

Built-in transcripts were showing the Unicode for apostrophes, which all the guys here found very annoying, not to mention the customer who reported it.

Found a problem with uploading a certain kind of .ICS file that was super-irritating to the guy who had to diagnose the problem.

Calendar events set to All Day were importing into Populi Calendar a full day early (April 7 for events dated April 8, for example), which everyone found utterly aggravating.

Fixed a bug with the getDegreeAuditAPI task that wasn't returning the correct specialization course groups.

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