June 17 to June 21, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

As mentioned on the Populi Blog, we updated the student detail view of assignments. The feedback panel is now in the right column, freeing up the main column for a better look at student's submitted work.

Online course participation now counts lesson activity.

My Courses now shows students the course start/end dates in addition to the course access dates.

The updateStudentAttendanceAPI task has a new parameter that keeps the student's best attendance record in the event that two conflicting records are entered at the same time.

Bulletproofed the process for bulk-adding Communication Plans to prevent scenarios in which it would accidentally get added to more people than you intended (say, if you had Populi open in multiple browser tabs).

Added a scrubber to the Custom CSS settings boxes around Populi to prevent stray Javascript from interfering with things.

Added our sweet new built-in transcript note field to the Data Slicer.

Started tracking changes related to course evaluations to course change logs.

More API stuff for applications:

  • A new task: updateApplicationFieldStatus
  • updateApplicationStatushas new parameters when the status is set to Accepted: provisional_comment, add_student_role, and import_course_of_study.

Updated the Recurring Payments and Recurring Donations reports to include new information about gateways and multiple currencies.


We didn't so much fix these bugs, per se, but we at least gave ourselves some new tools to help diagnose and fix some of the financial snafus that arise from voiding refunds (or any associated transactions).

Some API tweaks to improve performance and fix some bugs (full details are in the API documentation):

  • If someone's license_platewas NULLthen their search index record would be blank. Fix't!
  • searchPeopleis now capped at 50 results.
  • getUpdatedPeople, getToDos, and getNewsnow return a maximum of 200 results.

Fixed the export helper on mailing lists so it respects who's actually shown on your filtered report.

Fixed an obscure bug where put-in-order test questions might not save the answer before the student submitted the test.

Fixed a few spots where diacritics would mess up the alphabetization of student names.

Updated the Federal loan origination fee calculations.

Stuck a column for Invoice # in the export for Billing > By Term > Charges.

Ever since we upgraded payment plans several months ago, no one has tried to delete one. Until this week! And it turns out deleting payment plans... didn't work.

Primary addresses weren't exporting when you printed an address label.

Gateway transaction fees were displaying on the payment page, where they really weren't needed.

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