July 29 to August 2, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Set password links—in both welcome emails and password resets—now work for 30 days after they're sent; previously they went for a couple weeks. So you're basically getting twice as much Populi* for the money now.

Added and shuffled some settings for our schools that use Google Apps for Education so everything is all concentrated in a handy dialog on a little settings page we like to call Account > Account Settings > Integrations:

  • New settings: Create system email address and Show Email link in header.
  • Moved settings: Scooted Make new system email primary by default and Primary system email lock from Account > Customizations.

Added sorting and a quick-search field to the Reports view of the Data Slicer. If you have a lot of saved reports, they're now easier to pick out of the crowd.


In graded discussion requirements, number of replies was displaying as number of comments.

If a student dropped a course, any pending term-level payment plan fees would go and disappear themselves from the student's account like some kinda ghost or apparition.

In a great example of curing the disease and not just the symptoms, we closed a loophole that let you delete academic terms that had pending charges or invoices attached to them, which itself caused lots of awful problems elsewhere.

The Courses panel on Profile > Student was showing you all terms and not just the terms in which the student was enrolled in or auditing courses.

When someone else completed a To-Do, you'd get an email saying they'd assigned one to you *eye roll*.

* As measured by opportunities to set a password and log in.

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