August 5 to August 16, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Lots of new features for online tests—points calculation, question editing improvements, and more—that are described on the Populi blog.

You can now make individual templates (email, letter, and to-do) visible only to certain user roles, as well as filter the template lists to see those that are available to those roles.

The Data Slicer now has a Manage Refund Policies function that lets you add, remove, or replace refund policies for the students returned in your report.

It also lets Financial Aid users filter for Term Expected Aid.

Standardized the report exporter so you now have the option of exporting either XLS or CSV throughout Populi.

Added new SAT fields for Essay Reading, Essay Analysis, and Essay Writing scores.

Refreshed the Financial Aid > Award Types view with a table-type layout that makes the whole thing so much more readable that you'll probably just take it on your next beach vacation.

Added microsoftstream.comto the whitelist so you can now embed media hosted on that august platform in Populi.

Made sure to track specialization creation, updating, and deletion in the change log.


Rejiggered the SAP calculations to count Withdrawals made after the add/drop date.

Multiple choice questions with long answer options wouldn't wrap properly, cutting off the last chunk of the option when the answer got too wide for the screen.

The library loan exporter thing only exported the first page of active library loans.

Fixed some problems concerning emailing students about aid refunds to the source.

Fixed some timezone issues with auto-graded discussions.

Sometimes old, unpinned news items would remain pinned to the top of the News Feed. Not no more.

Made sure that Admissions > Applications > Fields sorted the fields in the same order as shown on the application itself.

The Application Completed Percentage field was exporting with the wrong value on XLS exports.

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