August 26 to August 30, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added an Instructor filter to the Academic Term > Courses table after not having had one there for more than ten years, I guess.

Added a Source filter and export option to the Financial Aid > Disbursements report after not having had one there for around seven years, give or take.

Added custom tags to the filters in Academics > Reporting > Attendance after not having had them there since, oh, a couple years ago?


Campus Life users could get a meaningless ur nawt autherized ta do thaaat(sic) error message when adding a fee on Profile > Campus Life.

It's now possible to get the full state name out of the getApplicationinstead of the crummy old abbreviation.

Term-level Payment Plan due dates were doing a lousy job of adding up set tuition and fee amounts, but things look better now.

Invoice-level payment plans with no set plan fee could cause trouble on invoices with a mix of tuition and fees. This fix and the last fix fit together like yin and yang.

Application fields linked to existing custom fields could sometimes duplicate answer options on the application.

If you were creating a new communication plan and adding a fresh email event to it, you'd get an error that said, and I quote, Invalid Link ID. Um, yeah.

Apostrophes were looking pretty dumb when you exported student schedules and course rosters.

Payment Plans would sometimes include pending financial aid when they shouldn't.

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