September 3 to September 6, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now tag students on Financial > Billing > By Term and Recurring Payments. Untag 'em, too, if you're feeling stingy.

Made room plans stretchier and more flexible. Campus Life users can now re-assign students to different rooms even after their room plan charges are invoiced. (If you need to change the room plan itself, Student Billing has to get involved...)

Expanded the text box that lets you compose the Recurring Donation Email Message so it's easier to fit more than one sentence in it.


Added some data validation to donations so that you can't set a person to Not a donor if they've actually, you know, donated in the past.

Payment Plans would count pending aid against the payment deadlines in circumstances where they shouldn't have. Knuckleheads.

Made it so that the Total Charges line appears on the Enrollment Agreement signature dialog only when that information is also included in the Enrollment Agreement itself.

Restoring a deleted discussion threw an error, but now it don't.

If you edited a communication plan and saved without making any changes, doing so could magically/inexplicably cause email templates to display with html entities.

If your school didn't have an address entered in Account Settings > General Settings, then the state/province filter in various reports wouldn't function properly.

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