September 16 to September 20, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a column with the Amazon URL to the book list export (Academics > Courses > Export books AND Bookstore > Admin > Term Book List).

Graciously gave the Advised Students report a Campus filter.

Graded Discussion due dates now show on the course calendar.

Added a person's timezone to the effusion of data you can nab via the API.

And added lead_activeand lead_statusto the getApplication, getApplications, and getPersonApplicationsAPI tasks.


Expulsion discipline events weren't letting you save a re-admitted date, forcing penitent students to shiver outside in the cold away from the warmth of your educational embrace.

Courses that don't permit auditors to access assignments nonetheless permitted backdoor access to the same via the course calendar. Auditors were sneaking in and getting all the best grades!

The illustrious Consider uncollectible amounts in Pay Now setting wasn't actually showing anything in the Pay Now amount.

ID cards were serving up a heaping plate of ' instead of the understated and dignified plain apostrophe.

Fixed an issue where the Applied as of date of a term-schedule-based payment plan was messing with the payment deadlines in a rather not good manner.

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