September 9 to September 13, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now sign up for through Moolah. Non-profit schools can get special pricing when you use their Populi signup form. Learn more about Moolah at their handy Internet website.

Added some settings to the Unicheck integration to exclude (properly-formatted) quotes and citations from the plagiarism check by default.

Added the Export Helper to the Payment Deadlines report, which top media figures are calling "a pretty boss move" and "something to remember this coming awards season".


The spinners that spin onscreen when Populi has to take a little rumination time to work on your request have been updated after reports of them being "all messed up" whilst performing certain tasks.

If you deleted a degree from someone who didn't have the Student role, or tried to remove the Student role from someone without a degree (whilst viewing their Profile > Student view), you'd get one of our fancy new error pages with the number 403 on it. Now you just stay on the poor sap's profile.

Started showing more donor information on unlinked donations, the better to link them to existing donors.

The API wasn't coughing up availability dates for grade-only assignments, but after a few good whacks on the back it's all coming up.

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