September 30 to October 4, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

One of the guys here added Primary Faculty First Name and Primary Faculty Last Name to the Attendance report views for By Student & Course, All Data, and Online Course Participationattendance report exports.

Another one of the guys made numerous improvements to the Canvas integration that should result in cleaner data, quicker exchanges between Populi and Canvas, and numerous other optimizations.

Transcripts needed a Degree Pursuing Date variable so we added one.

There's a new automation option that lets you hear about when someone adds or removes a program from a student.

Greatly enhanced the Honors filter in the Data Slicer so you can search for specific honors and not just all honors the student has ever received.


When filtering by Birthday, Data Slicer would autofill today's date. When you hit Update it will load people that had a birthday yesterday instead of today. Changing the date to something else, updating, and then back to today's date would correctly filter today's birthdays. Even though our tagline is "College Management Made Simple" and not "Today's Birthdays Made Simple", we thought we should go one extra and make this a little easier to work with.

Picked and flicked a booger that prevented Academic Admins from exporting faculty schedules from Profile > Campus Life.

Fixed up a bunch of rickety nonsense in accepted/decline financial aid awards that caused a bunch of other, seemingly unrelated problems elsewhere.

Synced Google Calendars were showing the entire test availability window instead of just the test due date, so we changed something in how Populi works to make the Google display more like ours. Reminds me a little of that fungus that does the horrific mind-control thing with Brazilian carpenter ants.

Fixed some of the late-payment logic with payment plans to account for payments that arrive before the due date but were not applied to the charges until afterwards.

Grade reports included transfer credit info in the attempted and earned credit totals but did not include it in the GPA, which I guess was pretty not-cool of us.

If a lead is accepted and then self-enrolls but ends up on the waitlist the setting that automatically marks him inactive wouldn't work as advertised (we only advertised this feature in obscure punk-rock zines).

Made sure that the You got some financial aid in your pockets email we send after a batch has a financial aid user's address in the reply-to.

Added some more IP monitoring to the Inquiry form to help cut down on the spammy stuff.

Fixed up some stuff with how we let you set Resident Alien status on application fields.

The 2021 Aid Year has been added to the database so you can start chewing on those 2021 ISIRs when they start rolling in.

Fixed up a visibility issue where Financial Aid users could see fields on the student view of the aid application that were not visible to the student.

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