October 14 to October 18, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Added a new action to the Leads report in Admissions: Set custom field, which lets you enter information for one of your custom fields for everyone shown in the report.


Avery 5160 mailing labels for multiple recipients were showing one address and a bunch of labels saying {!REPEAT!}, which turns out not to be what our users wanted or expected.

Text messages for application question responses weren't letting you fill up the full 160 characters before giving you a (fake) warning about exceeding the limit.

Receipt templates were also shorting out when you'd try to print them in bulk, saying there was no template available.


We've been conducting live training webinars and collecting them in the Knowledge Base. Have a look at the complete collection here, or head over to YouTube and mash that subscribe button.

Check out our brand new Student Billing live training video.

We have an upcoming training scheduled on October 31 for building degree audits—register via this link.

Isaac Grauke interviewed Josiah Stephan of South Florida Bible College about what it has been like to responsibly expand a college and how Populi has helped them do that.

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