Paying your Populi invoices and managing payment settings

Here's everything you need to know about your monthly Populi invoices and how to pay them.

  1. When your school's Populi site was first set up, we listed your school's Billing Contact as the person responsible for paying your Populi invoice (see Payment Settings, below). The Billing Contact can access all the invoices and settings in Account > Invoices/Payments.
  2. Populi invoices are generated on the first of every month according to the Populi Terms of Service and the pricing published on the Populi website. Please refer to those two linked pages for details about:
    • What Populi's pricing consists of
    • What you will be charged for every month
    • How you will pay us
    • How Late Fees work
    • Charge disputes and refunds
  3. When the invoice is generated, Populi emails the Billing Contact, Account Admin, and anyone listed under the Copy billing notifications setting (see below). Of these people, only the Billing Contact and Account Admin(s) can actually view the invoice (the other people are merely notified that it was issued).
  4. Current and past invoices are found in Account > Invoices/Payments. Invoices have three statuses: Paid, Unpaid, and Due.
  5. If you've chosen to pay using Automatic ACH, your linked bank account will be automatically charged for all due/unpaid amounts on the 5th or 13th of every month. If you've choseen Manual ACH, you will need to click the Pay Now button in the right column of the Invoices/Payments view. (See below for more information on these ACH options.)

If you have questions about your Populi invoices and payments, please contact Populi Support.

Payment Settings

Payment type: You have two payment options: Manual eCheck and ACH (Automated Clearinghouse).

  • Manual ACH requires that your Billing Contact log in every month to manually-enter payment details—just like writing a check.
  • Automatic ACH allows us to debit your account on the 5th or 13th of every month for the amount of your latest invoice.

Account details: Enter your account details so we have the information we need to debit your account.

Billing contact: Type a name and select the person who should receive Populi invoices and other billing notifications.

Purchase order number: You can enter your own internal purchase order number to appear on your Populi invoice.

Copy billing notifications to: It's always a good idea to have the invoice and billing notifications go to more than one person. Enter additional email addresses for others who should receive these notifications.

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