October 21 to October 25, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

SAP statuses on Profile > Financial > Financial Aid and Financial Aid > Reporting > Academic Progress now show you a complete breakdown of how that SAP status was calculated—just click the status to see all the information.

Personal and Account settings got a little bit of a navigation makeover: the tabbed view has made way for a sidebar.

You can now print Rubrics from their individual pages in Academics > Settings > Rubrics.

Electronic transcripts now have an optional expiration date.

Admissions applications are now more responsive to mobile device screens.

Added new automations to inform people when a student accepts or declines a financial aid award.

Staff and Faculty ID cards have a new Title variable.

Canada dropped the A from the end of T2202A and so did we! We also jiggled some of the stuff in the XML export to make sure it jives with changes the CRA made to their system.


The My Courses view for faculty members now differentiates between course sections (it didn't before, apparently...).

Sharpened the refund dialog thing so you can more easily refund third-party payments that were counted as financial aid as Aid refunds to source.

Programs that are not visible to students were also disappearing from view for Academic Admins and suchlike after the student graduated and was set to Inactive.

Fixed an occasional mailing list timeout issue that had to do with oversized attachments.

There were a bunch of spots where words like Saved and Autosaved and Phone number weren't covered by localizations (which are covered now!).

If a student's on a course waiting list and gets set to inactive, we do you a solid and remove him from the waiting list.

Financial Admins and Bookstore Admins were able to remove/disable roles they can't give, including Academic Admin! We closed that loophole, so don't you go trying that.

Fixed an issue with the Unicheck integration that gave a student a bad self-plagiarism score if they had more than one submission in an assignment.

ISIRs were importing the Student Level field with the lowest possible status.

It was once possible to submit student information to COD with a lowercase state abbreviation. Hopefully that's now impossible.

Fixed a bug where transcript request fees for All Programswouldn't trigger if the requester didn't specify a program.

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