The Academic Progress Report

Academic Progress

The Academic Progress report shows a summary of key academic statistics for the students enrolled in a given Academic Term. It is Populi's version of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) report. Read about setting up and using SAP policies and payment periods.

  • Use the filter to sift the report by any of the columns shown. The Has Aid filter lets you look at students with specific award types. You can also filter by aid classification.
  • indicates that the student has a current disciplinary action.
  • Click Actions to Email or Text the students, Export a spreadsheet of the report, or Apply Discipline to the students (each action is filter-sensitive).
    • When you apply discipline to students, those actions will be shown on each student's Profile > Student view.


The FISAP report compiles the information your school needs to include in sections of the Department of Education's Fiscal Operations Reports and Application to Participate.

  • It does not include the data you need to complete the entire report!
  • It does include the figures you would include in:
    • Part II, Section D. Information on Enrollment
    • If you're importing ISIRs, Part II, Section F. Information on Eligible Aid Applicants Enrolled in Your School
    • Part VI, Section A. Distribution of Program Recipients and Expenditures by Type of Student
  • You can export the raw data to CSV or XLS.

Click to see a list of the students represented in the report data.

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