October 28 to November 1, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing this week, but we have a few things in the hopper that should get out to y'all real soon.


Document annotations could be tiny—so tiny you'd miss them even if looking right at them—so we set a minimum size of 10px X 10px for annotations.

Fixed a bug that kept Library search from searching by resource name.

Also fixed a sorting issue that ordered people differently in the Data Slicer and Enrollments report.

Also fixed this thing: when you'd enter a comment on an assignment and then clicked Enter Grades the comment would go away someplace where you couldn't find it.

Also fixed an Access Denied tripwire that'd trip you up in gradebook.

Also fixed the Assigned to: drop-down in Aid Applications to make it easier to realize that you've already been selected as the assignee.

Also fixed what we display when a bad-apple ISIR comes through the DOE pipes. Now we show you an error where once we only showed a blank gray screen.


A clutch of new videos this week...

First, we've got Joseph Schoolland's new live training webinar on how to set up degree audits.

Isaac Grauke has a conversation with Ginger Howell, Education Technologist with Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies, about online course design with Populi.

Carlos Marin of Portland Bible College speaks with Isaac about using Populi's API to solve problems and using Localizations to teach online courses in foreign languages.

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