November 11 to November 15, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Nothing this week. But last week had a lot of stuff, so no complaining.


When you look at a document (say, a PDF on a file assignment), an invisible computer thing called "no-scroll" kicks in on the page so you can scroll through the document without also scrolling down on the page. Super-convenient. Well, we broke something where if you used the browser's back button the invisible computer thing called "no-scroll" would remain engaged. Thus, you couldn't scroll on other pages. Super-inconvenient. I'm only mentioning all of this because we fixed it.

Academic Admins, Registrars, and Advisors were seeing grades on Profile > Student > Courses even if the student had withdrawn from those courses.


Isaac Grauke gives you the 20,000-foot flyover view of the last few weeks at Populi.

Adam Sentz, Chief Creative Officer, speaks with Isaac about the custom locks release.

And then they had another chat about Populi's updated search, which is now a beta release.

Isaac goes this one alone: the new detail view for 1098-Ts.

And finally, Joseph Schoolland (make sure to pronounce both l's) grins his way through a live training on assignments, assignment groups, and gradebook.

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