How to use Populi Search

In this article, you'll learn all about Populi's search function. You can use search to find just about anything at your school (depending on your user roles).

The basics


You can use search wherever you are in Populi.

  1. Click in the black bar. You can also press Control + K (on Windows computers) or ⌘ + K (on Apple computers) to open the search field (see below more more keyboard shortcuts).
  2. Start typing your search term. As you type, search will show suggestions based on what you've entered.
  3. Click the result you're after to go to the page for that entity, or use one of the options ( more details, advanced search, etc.) to refine or modify your search.
  4. Click anywhere outside of the search window (or press your Esc key to exit search.

Keyboard shortcuts


You can use your keyboard to control search.

  • Summon search by pressing Control/Ctrl + K (Windows) or ⌘ + K (Apple).
  • Click in the search results pane to view a complete list of the available shortcuts.

Advanced searches

Advanced searches let you refine your search terms in a number of ways.

  1. When you open search, click Advanced Search in the bottom of the search pane.
  2. On the advanced search screen, start typing in the search field. Populi will suggest results.
  3. To refine your search:
    • Choose one of the search types (People, Organizations, etc.) at the top of the screen to narrow your results to particular kinds of entities in Populi. Click More to find other types to search by (your options will vary according to your user roles).
    • People and Organization search types give you a Fields option in the search bar. Click All Fields to select the kind of field you'd like to search by. For example, you could search People by Phone and track someone down by typing their phone number.
    • The search results give you a few details about each entity to help you determine whether you've found who/what you're after.
  4. Click the result you're after to go to the page for that entity, or click the X/press Esc to close the search window.

Search history

Search saves a record of the results you clicked on. You can see your search history in two places:

  • When you summon search, you'll see your 12 most recent searches (that is, the results that you clicked on).
  • In the search pane, click Search History to see a full-screen view of all of your searches. This records every result you've ever clicked on. Remove a result by clicking X next to it.
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