An overview of Populi courses

This article gives you an overview of what you can find in your Populi courses.

How to find your courses

You can get to your courses a number of ways, but three of the most convenient are...


When you log in to Populi, you'll be taken to your Populi Home page. In the right column, you'll see your current courses listed. You can also click any course-related Alerts (in the main column) to go to that course's Dashboard view.

My Profile

When you go to My Profile, you can find your courses in the right column of the Student view. You can also find links to your courses by looking at your transcript or degree audit.

My Courses

You can also find all of your courses in the My Courses view.

Course navigation

In each of your Populi courses, you'll navigate from one part to another by clicking the views in the left sidebar. Here's a quick look at what you'll find in each view (keep in mind that your professor might not make use of all course features!).

  • Dashboard: Here you'll get an overview of what's going on (and coming soon) in the course. Alerts link you to specific tasks requiring your attention. The Bulletin Board lets your class communicate with each other. And you can also see your current course status and grade at the top of the right column of the screen.
  • Syllabus: This view presents the information you'll need in order to understand how the course will be conducted and graded.
  • Files: A central location that gathers all of the course's files from assignments, lessons, and syllabuss.
  • Assignments: This is a list and overview of the various assignments in your course. Learn more about assignments, including how to submit work for them.
  • Lessons: This view gives you all the available lessons for the course. Lessons are collections of course materials—content, assignments, discussions, links, and files—that cover a particular section of the course curriculum.
  • Discussions: Here you'll find the course's discussions. Read more about them in this article.
  • Conferences: Conferences are live online video meetings with the professor. If a conference is currently being conducted, you can click Join Conference; the meeting will open in a new browser window (you may need to download software to join the meeting). If the professor has recorded the conference, you can come back here and view the recording once it's available.
  • Tests: In this view you can see all available tests, including tests you can take and those you've alreay taken. This article has the details.
  • Calendar: This shows all the meetings, due dates, and availability windows for the course and its assignments, lessons, discussions, tests, and conferences.
  • Roster: This shows you a list (with pictures) of your classmates.
  • Evaluation: If your school has made a course evaluation available, you'll see alerts and this view at the end of the navigation column. Here are more details about course evaluations.
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