December 2 to December 6, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Test > Analysis view now lets you regrade questions (you know, in case you determine that something was too hard or too easy...).

A pile of new API calls... let's see if you can figure out what you can do with the API now (get all the details in the API reference:

  • getDonations
  • getFunds
  • getCampaigns
  • getAppeals
  • getDonor
  • addDonation
  • editDonation
  • linkDonation
  • unlinkDonation

Cost Of Attendance can now be broken up into your own custom categories in Financial Aid > Settings > COA categories.

Tweaked a few things with uncollectible invoices to make their transaction history and other pertinent details a lot easier to understand.

Fed online registration a bunch of vitamins and probiotics and now its auto-save functions are more rock-solid than ever.

Added "Fee Type" to the filter and exports in the Sales Receipts/Refunds report.

Added a new automation that lets you email someone whenever a recurring payment is updated.

Fixed things up so you can send transcript request emails to addresses marked as No Mailings(because even if they don't want alumni update emails, they probably want the transcript they requested...).

There's a new notification on file-type assignments that indicates that you have successfully submitted a file for your work.

The changelog now records when a recurring payment or donation has been created or altered.

Custom Student ID Number and Username templates now show a preview field.

There's a new SAP policy threshold for cumulative units granted including transfer.


Now doing a better job at keeping finalized students from messing up mobile attendance taking.

Gotten better at not duplicating test question categories.

Massively improved our efforts at letting you delete tags and having them stay deleted.

PDFs exported from our computer software program (Populi) will now do a better job dealing with HTML entities like apostrophes and suchlike.

The Data Slicer now does an eminently serviceable job of generating enrollment agreements with the layout of your choice and not just the default layout.

Speaking of apostrophes, we greatly increased our ability to accept email addresses with apostrophes on Profile > Info.

Gotten better at counting transfer credits towards student standings when the student has approved transfer credits associated with a program BUT they don’t have any resident enrollments.

Now doing a better job at differentiating different terms and their start/end dates on multi-term Clearinghouse exports.


Isaac chats with Steve Adamson of Arizona Christian University about how the school transfered over to using Populi in the midst of a huge expansion.

And in this one, Isaac dons a black t-shirt to talk about the new test question regrading features mentioned earlier.

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