December 9 to December 13, 2019 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

New in courses: the Syllabus view, a dedicated Files section, and the Settings view(where Info, Rubrics, and LTI Links have gone to dwell).

Our new Search engine is now live for all of our customers.

Faculty can now post their office hours on My Profile > Faculty.

The API has a pile of new Campus Life tasks:

  • getCampusLifeRooms
  • setStudentRoomPlan
  • deleteStudentRoomPlan
  • setStudentMealPlan
  • deleteStudentMealPlan

Added term, program, and degree to the General Ledger export.

A new setting in course discussions lets you lock comments and replies from being edited or deleted by students.

Added a citizenship check to the reset-password process: If user's citizenship doesn't contain USA or Canada, the reset-password link will skip the text verification screen and go straight to the password set screen.

People who unsubscribe from mailings can now re-subscribe.

The Course Catalog export now includes columns showing tuition schedules attached to each course.

Donations now has a variety of indicators for deceased people:

  • Added a Deceased indicator and filter on the Donations and Donors reports, which also appears for soft donations.
  • Deceased indicators appear next to donor or soft credit names on the Donation details page too.
  • The Deceased field also appears in the export helper (for reports everywhere, actually).

The BigBlueButton integration now makes use of their Statistics API so you can get stats on recordings.

The Funnel Report underlying data export now includes a Program column.


Fixed up a number of validation problems with Academic Term dates (start/end, add/drop, etc.).

Made sure the Change Log monitors the addition and removal of our lovely new Locks.

Course Reporting > Time Tracking filters would stick when you went from one course to another.

People invited to groups (but who hadn't actually joined or made the blood pact or whatever) were nonetheless getting notifications for the group.

Dotted some i's and crossed some t's with course section naming in the Canvas integration.

Fixed the transfer credits filter in Data Slicer so it grabs TC's regardless of status (approved, rejected, pending...).

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  • 1
    Joel Wingo

    Phenomenal upgrades! Thanks Populi!

  • 0
    Alisha Tembo

    You didn't mention the search bar change in location. Threw me off all day :)

    Edited by Alisha Tembo
  • 0
    Adam Sentz

    Alisha Tembo - Whoops! We fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out!

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