January 9 to January 17, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Faculty (and Academic Admins and Registrars) can now annotate peer-review file submissions.

You can now pull saved reports from the Data Slicer via the API.

Academic Admins and Registrars can now edit which cross-listed course a student is enrolled in.

There's a new Remedial checkbox for catalog courses; right now it serves to mark courses as such for Financial Aid purposes, but we're sure there'll be other incredible things we'll end up doing with this.

Changed some things behind the scenes to make adding & removing the Student role more consistent.

When adding a new Aid Year Schedule, you'll now have some Check All/None options for Aid Types and Classifications.

We added the !DATE!and !RECIPIENT_BIRTHDATE!variables to email templates.

A few usability tweaks to the initial online application form:

  • The application selector is now at the top of
  • If the Text messaging setting is enabled for the application, we'll send a verification code as soon as the applicant enters a viable phone number in the field.
  • And we added some subtle changes to the arrangement of the phone number and verification buttons, to boot.

Faculty members can now export their own schedules like a bunch of grown-up adults or something.

Financial Aid Award letters can now break out Scholarships & Grants vs. Loans.

Added some columns to the 1098-T export: Student Receives 1098t, Citizenship and Resident Alien.

The CRA is getting really finicky about T2202s without SINs, so we made our warning notice about this even more persnickety than it was before.

Program settings pages now have a Grants Academic Credit field.

PHEW, I think that's it for Features & Improvements this week. This bag is just stuffed full! The seams might rip and all the features and improvements will scatter all over the sidewalk. If there are any other features/improvements, I'll just throw them into Bugfixes to balance things out a bit.


Campus filters were a little buggy, especially if you wanted to combine them with a program filter. Now they're—at minimum—less buggy, but I'd actually venture that they're fixed.

What makes someone show up on the Donors report? Philosophers have been puzzling over this since, oh, Plato or thereabouts. Was it their donor status? Or whether a donation had been linked to that person? Because those things don't necessarily match up. We've settled this ancient, centuries-old question by adding some validation that prevents a donor status to be set to None or Potential if the person has actually posted donations.

The Common Cartridge importer now imports question categories that translate into Populi test question categories. This is actually a feature and/or improvement that I just threw into the Bugfix bin because the other section is too full already.

If you delete a file extension (like .jpgor .pdfor .whatever), the file would download from Populi without an extension, which could make the file unusable on your computer. We did something that fixes that somehow.

Spruced up the "nuh-uh" message unauthorized folks will see if they try to get a look at your school's monthly Populi invoice. It's friendlier now (but nonetheless standoffish where it counts).

It was possible to fumble something and leave a blank answer as the only choice for a multiple choice question, but we've closed that loophole.

Customized Overall and Term financial statements were all broked-up but they're working again.

Someone inadvertently found a way to create duplicate system email addresses for a user. We bolted some plywood over that hole in the wall.

Another feature/improvement I threw in this bug-bucket: there's a new Program Average Grade condition in the Data Slicer.

If a student views or downloads a required Lesson file from Course > Files, doing so will trigger the completed thingy in the lesson, letting the student proceed directly to graduation and a high six-figure salary. That's how college works, right?

Drop-downs in Chrome wouldn't, uh, drop down if you clicked the arrow in the drop-down... only the text. We fixed this horrific monstrosity of a UX screw-up.

The Applications report filter was using the preferred name as the first name. Embarrassing.

You can now rename saved Data Slicer reports from the Reports view. This is an improvement, but these release notes are lopsided enough, man.

There's an option to hide financial information from students, but they'd still get notifications about their 1098-Ts. We lopped that appendage off for you.

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