January 2 to January 8, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

On the eleventh day of Christmas your SaaS Integrated College Management System Provider gave to you/a Term GPA column in the Academic Progress report.

On the ninth (or maybe it was the twelfth?) day of Christmas your Web-based Academic Information Services Solution gave to you/an Email Students action in the 1098-T tool.


Awhile back we gave faculty a button in the Tests > Questions view to Import Questions. But then we took it back (inadvertently). Sorry for the whiplash, but just gave it back, and that's how things are gonna stay.

Course faculty could create a folder in the new Course > Files view but couldn't rename the folder. Not because of any defect or flaw in them, but rather, in us.

Killed Box 3 on 2019 1098-Ts. Don't bother looking for it. It's gone.

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