February 3 to February 7, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Standardized the address inputs around Populi—so if your school is in the U.S., you get U.S.-specific address inputs (ZIP code, favorite fast food, etc.); if you're in Canada, you get inputs for poutine and hockey I guess; and if you're in another country, you get whatever's appropriate to the rest of the entire world.

Added course abbreviations to the course evaluation CSV exporter.

For all our Canadian API users out there (you know who you are), we've added getPersonSINto the API. And no need for you non-CDN API users to feel left out: we'll let you use it, too...

Tuned-up the options for fee rules so financial users can use financial and financial aid custom fields as fee triggers.


Were you to upload a file as a comment on an assignment and then enter a grade without clicking Post, you would delete the file you'd just uploaded. We found another spot like this with entering Final Grades, so we used the latest computer technology to fix it.

Full-time/Part-time calculations on the T2202 could get screwy if there were lots of overlapping academic terms involved. Consider this calculation ensmartened.

The dates in course meeting time email notifications could include the wrong dates for course meetings. Ooops!

TEST NAMEis available alerts on Populi > Home weren't displaying for certain students.

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