February 10 to February 14, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now re-send application links in bulk from the Applications report in Admissions.

The payment notification emails we sent to financial staff are now a lot, ahem, richer. They now include details like the student's current balance, amount due, a link to his profile, and information about any financial locks.

A new bulk action on course Rosters lets you delete students en masse.

Added student ethnicity, race, and gender to the SBL export.

Sales receipt details (for things like application fees, etc.) now have a similar level of detail to payment detail pages.

Added preferred name to various Admissions report exports.

There's a new School Type setting for Canadian schools so the right thing gets printed on their various CRA forms.


Dotted some undotted i's and crossed some uncrossed t's in lessons with required assignments. Auditors can now complete lessons without completing required assignments if the course doesn't permit them to complete assignments. Cross-listed course lessons do a better job showing students only the assignments that pertain to them. And lesson completion percentages now respect any of the aforementioned excluded assignments.

Enrollment agreements weren't generating when a student withdrew from a course. Now they come spewing forth from the office printer whenever a student even thinks about not taking a class he signed up for.

We added some new is_transfer_studentjazz to Populi a few months ago but forgot to update the IPEDS stuff to account for it. Now, according to the developer who has to deal with this insufferable minutiae: "An entering student should be counted in the First Time column if they are not marked Is Transfer Student and they have no previous education level (or it is less than Some College). An entering student should be counted in the Transfer-in column if they are marked Is Transfer Student or their previous education level is greater than High School."

Fixed up an obscure issue is-it-or-isn't-it? with importing information from required built-in fields on applications.

Cleared up some ambiguity with uncollectible invoices being marked collectible by THE SYSTEM (scary-sounding work for Populi, which is your benevolent and always-watching friend) when students make online payments.

Populi used to integrate Financial Aid functions with the U.S. Department of Energy (thus, DOE Integration, etc.). But with recent changes made to the Northwest U.S. power grid and the deprecation of the various fish ladder APIs on the Snake River dams, too many COD syncs started breaking and we just got fed up. So we changed all our integrations to work with the U.S. Department of Education (DoED), whose systems are still total garbage, but work enough of the time. Thus, everything that used to say DOE Integration now says DOED Integration.

Fixed a dingus in the Canvas integration that wouldn't sync students from Populi to Canvas if their email addresses were set to Private.

Fixed a thing that wouldn't let you edit communication plan emails to instead be To-do's.

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