February 17 to February 28, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Sorry for the lack of release notes last week—the developers released everything on Friday night and the documentation crew was too occupied with team-building exercises on Saturday (trust falls, bird-watching, hot dog eating contest, paragliding, the usual) to write anything. But here we are today with the usual notes and nonsense.

The big one: Contacts! Most things you need to know are in the blog post, and the rest of it is in the Knowledge Base.

We added a simple CAPTCHA to the online admissions and donations forms. Most of your users won't ever see them, but it'll kick in should activity levels on those pages rise to suspicious levels.

Tuned up the Import Questions function in the Test > Questions view to make it easier to import and set question categories.

Upped the character limit on text messages from a measly 160 to a comparatively gargantuan 500.

Also tuned up the Email Faculty function on student profiles so you can choose which terms' faculty you can email.

In Financial Aid, we added a way to generate a College Financing Plan (CFP). You can generate the CFP for students with Offered aid on Profile > Financial > Financial Aid. Some related items went out, too:

  • Offer letters now group grants and loans according to source (Federal, Institution, etc.)
  • You can specify Program COA categories and map them to the COA types on the CFP (tuition, fees, et. al.)
  • Offer letters now have a variable for term full-time/part-time status.

Here's one for the nerds: Directory Connect. It does something really technical and then goes beep-boop-beep-boop or something. Read about it in this article.

The Person Updatedautomation now includes details about which fields, exactly, were updated on the person's profile.

You like automations? We also added Course Finalized/Unfinalizedand Student Finalized/Unfinalized.

Hate payment plans? Now you can bulk-remove them from students using the Data Slicer.

Updated the API with getInquiries. Go get 'em! You Canadians can also now setPersonSIN. There's also a new uploadAssignmentSubmission(which only works for file-type assignments).

Custom username templates now include variables for Preferred Name and Preferred Initial.

You can now include a program filter on Invoice Paidautomations.

The Analytics > Retention report now lets you filter by program.

Added filters for Transaction Number, Added At, and Voided At to the Accounting > Transactions report.

The Payment Deadlines report now lets you tag/untag people.


Fixed an issue with localizations that would forget the text you just translated.

Closed a bunch of loopholes that could over-disburse aid for invoices that have already had payments applied to them.

Updated our Country selector to make sure it includes all current countries (and spells their names correctly).

Payments coming in the door to be applied to invoices on payment plans now aim first for the ones with the oldest posted dates.

Stopped including the filer's account number on student T2202 forms.

Fixed a bug that could add an extra payment plan fee if you heavily re-shuffled the plan's deadlines and payment schedule.


Here's Joseph conducting a live training for Donations.

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