March 2 to March 6, 2020 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now lock Financial periods, which'll be a big help when you're reconciling Populi with your external accounting software. There's also a new Reversal transaction type. Here's an article that goes into the new features.

You can now restrict test access in a couple new ways:

  • Password requires that a password be entered before the student can take the test.
  • Filter IP addresses prevents students from taking the test unless their computer is located at the IP address you specify.

After you clone discussions to a new course, you have new options for editing the discussion author (and some other things). Here's what has changed:

  • You can set discussion author to any faculty or yourself in the add discussion dialog.
  • You can edit the author of faculty added discussion to be any faculty or yourself.
  • You can even edit discussions even after student comments are posted. .
  • Discussion actions are in a new dropdown.

A few attendance enhancements:

  • You can record a text note along with attendance status when adding or updating attendance. You can see the note on:
    • The course attendance calendar when filtered by student
    • The attendance view on the student course summary page
    • In Academics > Reporting > Attendance > All Data.
  • You can see if attendance was recorded via Beacon on the course attendance page and in the Attendance report.

You can now link application fields to Campus Life custom fields (using the link to existing field feature).

You can set maximum enrolled/auditing credits/hours at the individual student level (on Profile > Student > Student Info).

SAIG Log messages are now possessed of a greater clarity than before regarding the last time they inhaled information from the Department of Education.

When recording a payment, you now have the option of applying some or all of the payment to an uncollectible invoice, bringing said invoice BACK FROM THE DEAD.


Closed a loophole to log out users on shared computers when another person access their application on that same computer. Happens usually when siblings share a computer at home and the older sister already attends the school and the younger brother is applying. How does that old line go? All happy families are the same, but the ones with multiple Populi users are all unhappy in their own way?

Faculty and TA's have an option to delete peer review assignment files. They should have had it all along. We can't wait to see what people do with this one. My wager: people are gonna be deleting A LOT of files.

Cleaned up a bunch of places where specialization statuses weren't inheriting the degree's status (pursuing, granted, etc.). Pretty sloppy. Needed galoshes and a big mop bucket for some spots.

If you auto-embedded a YouTube video with a link to start said video at a specific time, we'd break the part where it started at the specific time.

Attendance assignments were missing the Published option.

ACT test score fields included an Art field that ought not to have been there.

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